Ruby, Rails and agile web development consulting

Back-end web development

Specialized in Ruby on Rails.

API design & development

For services consumed by a mobile, desktop or web client.

Front-end web development

HTML+CSS maintainable assets. Modular JavaScript. Client-side frameworks.

Production environments

Code review, counselling and optimization


In addition to the development service, it would be a great bonus point to mentor the development team which will maintain and evolve the product.

Generally this training is composed by short practical sessions to set some methodology and knowledge basics in order to promote self-learning.

Tech Partner

If you need some technical, business or strategic support for your technology-based project, we should meet each other.

A business alliance for launching a project we trust in will be positive for both of us. We will do strategic tasks from business analysis to product development, launch and operations.

Final notes

My services do not include any kind of visual or graphic design tasks so generally it will be necessary to hire this service additionally.

In case you would need it, I could recommend you some companies I’ve worked with or I could hire this service for you.